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Why you should Outsource HR

We understand that as a SME business you are faced daily with controlling costs whilst at the same time building your business, managing employees and dealing with customers – and that’s before you start the day job! We know that your people are your prime asset and make your business the success that it is. Getting the people side of your business right is essential for ensuring you operate as effectively as possible but having an in-house HR specialist can be an expensive resource.

Here are 3 very simple and clear reasons why you should outsource your HR:

1.Managing your Costs:

Usually, a business will need one HR person per 100 employees to manage their basic HR administration. For a small business, maintaining a permanent, in-house HR specialist is expensive and likely not a great use of your resource and unless you have more than one, you are left without support during holidays and sickness. However, having no HR support leaves you open to getting things wrong and potentially expensive claims against the Company and its Directors.

Outsourced HR means you have access to a whole team of HR specialists as often or as little as you need and you can easily track how much this is costing. Our expert consultants can assist you with a whole range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Administration

  • Recruitment and onboarding

  • Project management

  • Employee relations

  • Engagement surveys

  • Managing leavers

  • Developing strategic HR plans

To find out more about the options available to suit your business, contact Kim Taylor or e-mail

2. Protecting your Business:

Do your employees ask you questions about their contracts or have employment issues that you’re not sure how to handle within the limits of employment law? Do you sometimes want to make changes or have difficult conversations, but you’re not sure what you’re allowed to say or do? You’re not alone, it’s a complicated area and you’re not an employment expert.

An experienced HR consultant can offer you swift and expert advice, tailored to your needs, as and when you need it most giving you complete peace of mind.

At Acorn HR, we are just that! We are responsive and give our clients clear advice to make sure you stay compliant with legislation and up to date with best practice. There are a number of packages we can offer you as well as ad-hoc and retainer services. Contact us on 07949 987210 for more information.

We are highly experienced in giving advice that will protect your business.

3. A happier and more engaged workforce:

Providing your employees with the confidence that you have their best interests at heart through your confident actions and access to professional HR services makes sure they are more engaged and productive, which in turn benefits your business growth, sustainability and profit. We will partner with you to get to know your business and your employees to provide a personalised service, leaving you more time to get on with managing other areas of your business.

Visit our website at to see more about us and what others say about our services.


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