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Questions to answer before your employees will perform at their best after lockdown

Are you Ready?

The global pandemic has changed the world of work. Is your business ready for the return from lockdown?

An estimated 20 million individuals in the UK are working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic compared to pre lockdown figures of less than 2 million.

Employees have been faced with numerous challenges concerning this sudden workplace change, including remote technology, home schooling and homeworking, mental health challenges and furloughing.

Here are some pertinent questions you need to consider and answer to ensure optimal employee productivity and commitment once lockdown is over.

"When they studied times of crisis like the Great Depression, World War II, 9/11 and the 2008 financial crash, Gallup found that there are four universal needs employees will want from their employer; Trust, Compassion, Stability and Hope”.

The perceived support your staff feel from you at this time will stay with them for years. In times of crisis, people turn to leaders to give them hope that this pain is only temporary, and they turn to each other for moral support. Making sure you facilitate these two things as much as you can is the best way to maintain high engagement at a time when we all need it most.

Not sure where to start with creating highly engaged teams? Get in touch to find out how we can support you.


Questions to Ask:

▢ Do our employees feel safe?

▢ Have our employees been treated on a case-by-case basis?

▢ How can I support my team members?

▢ How do I encourage engagement?

▢ How motivated are employees?

▢ Am I supporting mental health?

▢ How do I approach furloughed employees?

▢ Have employees received enough communication?

▢ Do I need to consult with employees?

▢ Do employees have all the information they need to return to


▢ What if someone refuses to return to work?

▢ Do employees understand social distancing at work?

▢ How can I tell employees about exit plans without scaring


▢ Are phased returns possible?

▢ How do I manage staggered hours/shifts?

▢ Can I be flexible around working hours?

▢ How can I offer transport assistance?

▢ Do I need a new sickness policy?

▢ How do I manage annual leave?

▢ What if redundancies are required?


Acorn HR are able to advise clients on how to progress to a create a positive company culture.

The company culture and staff engagement come from a clear vision for the staff, enhanced and maintained through training, communication. Coaching, feedback and management.

If you truly want to make a difference to you Company and Staff but don’t have the skills, time or expertise then contact us for an informal chat.

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