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Recruitment Process

Throughout 2020 and now into 2021, the UK along with the rest of the world has suffered a global pandemic unprecedented in our times, this has impacted majorly on (not just) businesses but individuals.

There has been an increase in businesses going into liquidation, reducing resources and unemployment, never before seen on our lifetime. However, there has also been an increase in people who apply for roles (whether this is directly to an employer or through employment agencies), which has led to a flood of good candidates applying for positions.

Whilst at this period in time it’s an employer’s market, this will not always be the case!

There has been a defined change in perspective on what is required from potential employees, which includes the need for industry sector experience, understandably this in many roles may be required (although not essential), but there are some business functions where this criteria are not required, such functions should be recruited for on their transferrable skills, experience and professional qualifications (if applicable), having carried out research into this area of business, I am aware of many excellent candidates being overlooked by businesses or their agents for the above reasons, when challenged there are no reasons other than industry sector background, or that they have candidates who fit the criteria of the job description better, however again after extensive research and reviewing adverts, individuals would not apply for roles if recruiters specified more clearly what they actually require, rather than a brief overview of their requirements.

I realised that the dynamic of the employment environment has changed (as much of life has) over the past 12 – 18 months but again this doesn’t mean that we need to ignore the skills, qualifications and experience of such employable individuals.

The need for all industries to encourage innovation and creativity is at the forefront of future development and growth, to enable continued success. Utilising the experience of those from outside your industry sector can bring new vision to your business.

Continuing to procrastinate in the old ways will not enhance businesses continuous improvement and development.

Embracing the change that new employees can bring will promote businesses professional profile and have a positive impact on their brand for the future.

More constructive support and feedback to candidates, will enable them to tailor their applications more appropriately, giving the individual more confidence when they apply for roles, instead of making them feel demotivated and worthless.

I’d be interested in people’s experiences of the job market, through the application and recruitment process including experiences of interviews. I would also appreciate views from employers on how effective their recruitment process is and comments on the standard of candidates they receive from recruitment companies.

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